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New Toyota Tundra

The first Toyota Tundra was launched relatively back in 1995. This version, which by its appearance personified unconventionality, has greatly contributed to the popularity of fullsize trucks. Customers of the traditional pickup segment for the first time were given the opportunity to combine the performance of a passenger vehicle with the ability to embark on a world of off-road driving.


It’s worth knowing that in Toyota thought  about vehicle what will become Tundra back in 1988. The concept car appeared at the Tokyo Salon three years later, and the first production model in Geneva in 1993. The first generation had the primary task to be a fun car, both by design and features, and the Tundra was described by the syntagm of “civilized excitement”.

A complete redesign was carried out in 2000, in order to attract Tundra and customers who were looking for something more sophisticated. The second generation, visually captured phenomena, has confirmed Toyota’s ambitious intentions. At the end of 2001, the house introduced the D-4D diesel engine to the European market, which significantly improved sales, which, having counted both versions, globally reached 150000 copies. In 2007, Tundra held as much as 21% of the European pickup market, and in 2009 this percentage dropped to 21%. There was a time for change.

redesigned tundra

Third Generation Characteristics

The Toyota Tundra boasts a new body: the car is longer and wider, yet more agile than the predecessor and is characterized by the best aerodynamics in the class, with a 0,31 air resistance coefficient. The car has a completely new leaning: the front is a McPherson type, and it’s a double cross shoulder back. For performance, a new integrated active propulsion system, advanced diesel engines and a new six-speed manual transmission are being taken care of. New Tundra 2019 Aims to push borders and become the best-selling fulsy truck.
Active torque control continuously controls the torque transfer between the front and rear wheels. This allows continuous shifting from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive, depending on the driving conditions.


The vehicle stability control together with the electric power steering assist with the steering mechanism. For most vehicles, different stability controls (ABS, towing controls, power steering) operate independently of each other; At Tundra, these functions are integrated, and together with the active torque control, “assembled” in the IADS.

Both diesel engines are delivered with a new six-speed manual transmission.
The price of the latest model will be in the basic version of about $ 31,000.

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Latest car information – Jul 2017

Renault ZOE RS is a realistic option?

This little electric car is not the most exciting in the world, but there is something else interesting about it. Namely, when it was presented at the Geneva Motor Show, this car, which had no emission of harmful gases, had two electric motors that together produced 460 horsepower and an incredible 640 Nm of torque.

renault zoe

As it turned out, the Renault Sport Department is considering to make this model with even better performance that would carry the RS designation. According to the head of that department, Patris Rati, they are thinking about this model because of the development in battery technology and it will be necessary to do a lot of analysis before the plan is put into operation.

If it gets a green light, this little one will have to suffer some changes in the chassis and batteries, compared to the concept. If the performance is as good as the concept of the car, it will be a real little electric beast.

Announced new Honda Accord

As a number of internet portals reports, there is a big change in one of the most popular family sedan cars. In the course of a year, the latest Honda Accord 2019 will be presented at the one of the world’s fairs. As we learn, there will be changes in engine power, as well as in chasis.

Mercedes crashes all records in sales

mercedes amg

Up to its best half-year history in history, the German premium car maker arrived after delivering 1,144,274 vehicles in the first 6 months of 2017, with a sales increase of 13.7% compared to the same period in 2016.

Europe remains the largest Mercedes market with 484,120 vehicles (+ 8.9%), with record sales in the UK, France, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland.

The Asia-Pacific region is the second largest, given that 438,710 vehicles with a “triple-star” were shipped on that market with an increase of 26.7%. Sales in China increased by 34.5%, and in South Korea by 47.3%.

On the North American continent Mercedes in the first 6 months of 2017 sold 193,399 cars with a modest sales growth of 2.1%.

Otherwise, in June alone, 221,874 Mercedes were sold worldwide.

Volkswagen – global sales jumped by 4% in June

While sales in Europe did not increase compared to the previous month, sales in the United States jumped by 15%, in Brazil by 11.2% and China by 5.4%. Especially good sales in the US brought two SUVs, the newly-announced Atlas and the old Tiguan hope.

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Toyota Hilux vs Isuzu D-Max

Maybe we make mistakes when we called this 2 vehicles “heavyweights” compared to what is in America meant by that, but in our circumstances pick up truck class always means – heavy machines capable of a lot. More specifically, they are called even light trucks. Lexicon we will left to linguists, and we will deal with mechanics.


Isuzu as its main market is considered the world, and Europe at least. Toyota was not so long ago, “my eye” to Europe, but also to continue to deal with the whole world more than the Old Continent. In such a constellation of things, Isuzu D-Max and Toyota Hilux are novelties. However, only relatively. In the large SUV segment, Toyota reigns for a long time. Every 4 years appears redesigned Toyota Sequoia. In mid-October 2016, will appear Toyota Sequoia for the 2017 year.

Hilux vs D-Max: Generational differences

Both vehicles have been on the market for a long time. Hilux boasts its already sixth edition. Moreover, the Hilux is the second best-selling Toyota, behind the Corolla. Neither D-Max has not much worse pedigree. Who would say that? On the streets of Europe towns both are exotic, to which hardly anyone pays attention.


However, this class is with us still far from the eye and the heart, although, frankly, a lot is the question of to whom to gain popularity. Our hobby athletes who would wear their snowmobile or jet skis, to solve trailers. Construction, refurbishment or electrical company, which transported the tools and masters at the same expense, still resort to various improvisations, not understanding it’s time to invest in stock. The third category of potential, which in America is called a farmer, looks at practical pick up like on a perfectly space shuttle, especially financially.


After driving for more than 600 miles we decide that the winner, but only slightly is Hilux. It seems that in this tight win part due to the fact that the much younger generation, earning him the benefit in terms of more efficient and quieter engines. Also, Toyota Hilux is our choice, because main purpose of vehicle is the transport of goods, tools or equipment and workers. If you need pick up for personal purposes, long trips and as a vehicle adapted hobby, comfortable Isuzu D-Max will has a slight advantage.

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My search for a new car

Crossover vehicles have become very popular over the last 20 years. Sales of these vehicles has grown by over 15% annually. In the last few years has further sales growth slowed in Europe and the USA, but has increased in China and India. In these Asian countries there has been a rise in the number of middle class people that are willing to pay over $ 30,000 for the SUV. Some of the advantages of these vehicles are quite familiar. For example, you can drive off-road as well as on the road. Also, these vehicles have large luggage space that are very useful for the people living in rural areas. Also, during the time the SUV became a status symbol. All these factors have contributed to SUVs to become the most widespread type of vehicle in the USA. These vehicles have a slightly lower fuel consumption then  the pickup trucks and for that fact they are more economical to use.

2015-Range-Rover-Sport design

For this reason I decided to investigate the situation on the market and determine which large vehicles are currently the best on the market. I reviewed several dozen sites, and some have to boast. In any case, I made a small list of the most interesting large SUVs.

The list of best big vehicles

When choosing the best vehicle I was guided by a few basic principles. The first are subjective – whether I like vehicle. Others are objective and concern the price, power and volume of space. For each vehicle I mainly cited the positive side. Why not negative? Simply, everybody on the internet can find enough bad experiences, but I did not want to mention some more. So, I put together a list that will look like this:

1. The GMC Acadia is a relatively newer vehicle. It is characterized by a great engine and a nice interior. In the three rows are deployed a total of 8 seats. The seats in the first row are extremely comfortable and can be adjusted electronically. If you want, you can choose to have a heater. It was made on the same platform as the Buick Enclave, but with the many parameters, Acadia is much better choice. First of all, one should boast a large space when folded down seats, but also a large space for passengers in the third row of seats.

2016-GMC-Acadia review

2. Mazda CX9. This SUV unlike the previous vehicle has 7 seats. This SUV has a great power of engine, but also a very high fuel consumption. Power consumption is 17 mpg in the city and 22 on the highway. This is the main objection to this vehicle. Since the equipment is satellite radio, bluetooth technology, touch screen and many other things. This vehicle was choosen as the best full-size SUV in 2013. The silhouette of this vehicle gives firmness and strength, but many decide to buy this car beacause it has great design.

2016-Toyota-4Runner mpg

3. Toyota Sequoia SUV, which is probably the longest products on this list. In this list, it represent vehicles with 8 seats. It is characterized by excellent design, powerful engine and a very bad MPG. According to the latest data, EPA for this vehicle is 13/17 mpg.  From the equipment inside the car, I need to emphasize rear view camera, blind spot monitoring, USB connectivity, Bluetooth, an excellent stereo system. This vehicle is offered in three trim levels namely: SR5, Limited and Platinum. The difference between these trim levels is mainly in the equipment they possess. The headlights have been redesigned and now feature LED technology. Sequoia will probably be disconinued in 2018 year, but I will see is that true.


As you can see, the listed vehicles have excellent characteristics. Which will you choose, mostly depends on your needs. After all, you can continue with the research because there are thousands of websites about this subject.  Just do not buy a vehicle without checking that will not suit to your needs. I hope that this article give you  at least a little help in the selection of new big car.

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Computer fonts today


Since the appearance of the printing press in the 15th century, people have realized how important is the shape and size of characters that will be printed. Printing machine made a real revolution in the dissemination of knowledge and the reproduction of the written work. For the first time in history it was possible to amplify a literary work in several hundred copies without rewriting. In the centuries before the advent of printing, people are hand-copied books and literary works. For this reason the books were very expensive and rare. A library with 200 titles was considered as a very rich library. Then appeared Johannes Gutenberg who invented the model of cast letters in the prepared printing presses. This invention in the beginning was only used for reproduction of religious literature. A few decades later appeared Martin Luther and the Protestant movement that advocated for translating the Bible into vernacular languages. With the help of the press, Bible could read the every resident of Germany and England. There has been a democratization and enlightenment of millions of people. In some areas before that time, literacy rate was at a very low level of 1-3%. After the appearance of the press, in England, for example, the literacy rate has increased 6 times.


History of fonts and typography

Let’s go back to the beginning of the story and the story of fonts. The science that deals with individual font sets is called typography. Designers involved in the development of new typefaces are called type designers. One of the basic concepts of the font family and refers to a group of fonts that share similarities in design. The first groups of fonts were created shortly after the making of the first printing press. According to some sources, it was in the beginning of the 16th century. Great strides in developing of new font families was made in 1728. That year, William Caslon issued his famous book Cyclopaedia. It has printed dozens of new typefaces and made the first systematized overview of the new species. Until the advent of digital publishing, the terms font and typeface had clearly separated meaning. However, after the advent of computers and digital fonts, everything has become more complicated with new generations. As an example, we can state that at the time of classic printing the word means specific font size. In contrast, in electronic form can be scalable font that can include dozens of sizes.


Computer fonts

There are many definitions of computer font. According to the generally accepted rules, it is a set of character glyphs and other symbols, which are contained in the electronic file. It should be noted that the computer font is scalable symbol set, which can be printed in all available sizes. There are three basic forms in which a computer fonts are available.
1. Outline (some call them fonts and vector). For a description of each symbol are used mathematical formulas. We can list several subspecies vector fonts: TrueType, OpenType, Type1 and Type3 and many others.
2. Bitmap fonts use the technology matrix to describe the appearance of the dots of each symbol. Within this group are the following font formats: BDF, PCF, SNF, FON, AFM, BMF, sf and many others.
3. Stroke With this type of use and additional information specific to the front lines defined to describe fonts. Stroke subtypes were Metafont, Digitype, Stylized Stroke Fonts …

Currently, there are over 10,000 types of fonts. Every day, this number increases by several more. Of course, there are those who use several basic fonts, but for true lovers of typography on the web, it is possible to find a real treasure.

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